Bathtub Bin Hire Marlborough

convenient size for a business or winery, perfect for the major spring clean, moving clean up or renovating.

Bathtub Bins

Ideal for businesses or wineries, this bin is the go-to for major cleaning tasks. Whether you're tackling a big spring cleaning, moving, or renovating, this bin's got you covered.

  • Suitable for vineyard or storage space clear-outs.
  • Perfect for roofing and renovation tasks.
  • Capacity: Holds around 13 Ute loads.

Bathtub Bin

20 Cubic Metres

= 83 Kerbside Bins

Average 240L


or 13 Standard Trailers

Average 6x4M 400kg max


Please note

We do not supply trailers or kerbside bins. All weight and quantities are based on averages and not exact measurements for the purpose of giving a general understanding of size.